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Tips for Your Ireland Elopement

March 29, 2020

Dreaming about eloping to Ireland? Ireland is fastly becoming one of the top countries in the world for elopements and vow renewals. We’ve had the pleasure of planning elopements in Ireland & Northern Ireland and have decided to share a few helpful tips for your Ireland elopement to keep in mind during your planning process. While these are just tidbits to consider, we of course recommend hiring a professional planner to plan your wedding or elopement and ensure every detail is executed perfectly. Inquire here to learn more about our planning & design process for weddings across Ireland!

Ireland Wedding Planner Tip 1

Logistics. Whether your elopement is a true elopement with just the two of you or a modern day elopement with your closest friends & family also attending, it’s important to note how large and spread out Ireland truly is. The main international airports are Dublin and Shannon. Dublin has more flight options to choose from but Shannon is closer in proximity to the many popular elopement locations. A rental car is essential to explore smoothly and at your own pace beyond Dublin. This car will also be vital on your elopement day in transporting you from point A to point B. If coordinating with an officiant, photographer, etc., be sure to schedule in extra buffer time between locations in case of unexpected weather, traffic or directional mishaps.

Ireland Wedding Planner Tip 2

Weather. Perhaps the most important tip we can’t stress enough is to remember to consider the ever changing weather in Ireland for your elopement day. It’s always unpredictable regardless of when you’re traveling. There can be clear sunny skies for miles and suddenly drizzling at the blink of an eye. If you’re trying to avoid any and all rain, it is best to visit between April and July… These months are proven to be the driest year after year. We highly recommend purchasing a clear dome umbrella or another visually appealing umbrella before your departure to Ireland. Check out the below couples making the best of their rainy weddings!

Ireland Wedding Planner Tip 3

Type of ceremony. In Ireland, there are a few different options to choose from for your ceremony. If you are set on a legally binding ceremony that will be honored back in your home country, you must have 2 eye witnesses attending your ceremony and it must take place at a public landmark with an official postal address. Meaning, an abandoned beach or field unfortunately will not suffice for a civil ceremony. You will also need to visit the registrar’s office a minimum of 2 days before your ceremony to file your paperwork and pay your fee. The majority of our destination elopement couples opt for a symbolic ceremony of simply exchanging vows and rings in order to keep the planning process to a minimum.

Ireland Wedding Planner Tip 4

Location. From castle and abbey ruins to cozy lakeside cottages and lush forests, the options for beautiful elopement spots in Ireland are endless. It can quickly become overwhelming trying to decide exactly what locations to visit on your big day. We recommend choosing only 2-3 different spots in order to keep travel and stress to a minimum. A great combination is having your ceremony in abandoned ruins and then following up with photos at seaside cliffs or vice versa. The highly popular Cliffs of Moher would be exceptional for photos or consider the less populated Kerry Cliffs. Only 30 minutes from the Kerry Cliffs is one of our favorite castle ruins, Ballycarbery Castle!

Cliffs of Moher

Still looking for inspiration for your Ireland elopement or vow renewal? Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more location ideas and tips for your Ireland elopement. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!


Images by: Rylee Hitchner Photography and Hunter Berry Photography.


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